Process management of advertising companies

times in the fast-developing, society is in constant progress, in this fast paced society, natural selection, survival of the fittest is a good reflection of the characteristics of this community. The old saying goes, no overtime advertising company. As long as you entered the advertising company, then you will not have a rest time. So, here's a look at the advertising company how does it works, is it?
advertising company it operational processes are not linear, not to say, to pick up the pass on an advertising project on single level of departments. Advertising the project process is the need for more collaboration among departments.
Although the mode of operation of any two ads never exactly the same, but most of the ads are basically the creation according to the following process:

project tasks: customer account manager detailing their business objectives and expected impact of the advertising. Advertising is only a link in the marketing plan, marketing plan also includes a lot of information transfer tasks: public relations, sales promotion, direct mail, and so on.

account managers will gather as much information and core departmental strategic planning, creative and media, which is about.

strategic planning: advertising companies to set up a Panel to analyze the project tasks – what types of consumers using the product? why are they using? how to encourage people to buy the product? ' at this stage, research is crucial, but also among consumers, industry experts, and published references. Strategic plan's goal is to find a fascinating subject (known as position), as well as the unique information for advertising creative (rough idea).
is usually started simultaneously with the strategic planning of media planning. Media Panel first determines the target consumers more features---how old they are? how much income do they? they live where? what are their habits? based on the media consumption habits of the target groups, develop and adapt the media plan. The plan will be submitted to the customer and (by then) bought by media buyers.

creative design: the creative team to produce the early version of the ad. Creative Director's advice, then to the account manager review and strategic designers and their views for further fine-tuning.

zhihou, creative works will be submitted to the client, if passed, will also be tested among consumers. Only attract consumers ' attention and encourage them to try out the product, can be regarded as a successful advertising---in this phase may have changed.
, once finalized, filming television ads will, radio recording, print ads will also be produced.

coming: the Sales Manager is responsible for advertisements sent to the launch site and ensuring that it can plan launched by media. This process can be very complex, because all kinds of advertising must be completed at different times before the launch, magazine ads posted in the previous month, TV and radio ads aired just a few days before their request served.

to track advertising campaign is necessary, which can allow customers to judge the effectiveness of their work with the ad companies, also recognizes the need to change it. Tracks in a variety of ways, depending on the customer's business objectives. Also have to assess the product sales and consumer opinions, and to check the media buying.
a advertising project down, front Planning Department to after series of early research and strategy planning, and Media Department also to research the media Zhijian of using crowd, time paragraph, can and customer of requirements phase tie, developed out media plans, then for media procurement, this during also has faced customer modified single, then again procurement media, during, financial Department also has for accounts payable of invoicing, for financial accounting, also has late of advertising effect assessment.
therefore, the advertising company trying to process-oriented management is difficult, this intermediate is involved departments is not only independent, but relationships of mutual cooperation. You need a software to coordinate the relationship between various, enable departments to know customer's new requirements in a timely manner, and made plans to adjust other sectors, timely adjustment programme, in particular the Ministry of finance.
Ann game company on has specifically for advertising put company tailored custom had a paragraph media put management software, software full name seems called MExpress media put business management software, this software is all sector are is can with of, for management layer, that is station in a full of angle, can know the sector Zhijian of work process, funds of flows, timely master company dynamic; for the sector for, Planning Department can according to customer requirements made planning programme, And can modify them at any time, and media can see that plan to the Planning Department of the Ministry, promptly of any changes in the purchase order, the Ministry of finance can also be based on the purchase price accounting; for customers, you can export a media Schedule table, let the customer know his dynamic advertising.

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